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Well, hell.

It feels like summer vacation. This is a weird and unproductive feeling that only makes the fact that I have no classes today worse.

In recent days:

1. I have gotten a new phone and lost previously acquired phone numbers through not having saved them to my SIM card but rather only my phone's memory. That said, I am much happier with the new phone, with has the full keyboard that makes texting so much easier.

2. My on-going saga with the Electric Company, by which I called them every month since January to ask what the heck they think they are trying to pull (which I say in a much nicer way) could perhaps just maybe be coming to an end soon. Today, finally, the service rep called her supervisor over and they have told me to call back in 10 days to make sure the credit has gone through and that the mistaken charges have been taken off.

Today the woman I talked and to whom I explained the situation involving mistaken addresses and inappropriate transfers told me she followed the story very well. I said, "Thanks, I've gotten some practice telling it."

Is is weird that I feel like I have a really good method of dealing with servicepeople and suchlike on the phone? It's a weird skill to feel like you have. It mostly comes down to having a good book on hand while you're waiting on hold and having a clear grasp of being in the right.

3. I have an episode of Supernatural waiting for me to watch when I get home/have the time. This season has been overly dark, to my taste, but I am still hopeful.

4. I am reading Tillich and I am happy with him, shockingly. I am told this is something that I should not be, but I am.

5. Dried strawberries! They keep popping up in the grocery store. They are chewy and delicious.

6. I have just had a meeting with the boss at my next-year internship and I feel much better about the whole thing and much more clear about the issues. We set out a good set-up for my time there and we chatted afterwards about my critique/ thoughts on a class that he recently taught and I recently attended at the Place of Work, and he thought I had good points. In the near future I will devise a nickname for him.


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Apr. 17th, 2010 12:19 am (UTC)
Um, hi, Supernatural is SO GOOD. I just started watching it this winter. I'm obsessed.

Also, last night's episode was very dark. But excellent. (I enjoy my sf/f dark and misery-filled.)
Apr. 17th, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
I know! I just watched that- holy crap! I did not think they were going to go there. I honestly just did not expect that even slightly. It sort of debunks my personal hope that the Lucifer=Sam and Michael=Dean equation could be swapped around and either brother could take either role, but it was still just an awesome premise for an episode.

There was one shot towards the end (either getting to or leaving the angels' hideout) where the camera is looking at Sam and Dean from the back of the car, like there was someone sitting in the backseat, and it was just a clear visual moment of what Adam would be seeing if he had lived and stayed with them. It's alienating and kind of off-putting, but it's a great shot and I wanted desperately to point it out to someone.
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