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My Body is Awesome!

I have hereby decided that the world needs to know a number of things that are simply fucking awesome about my body.

1. Whack-A-Mole- - I am one of the most moley people you will ever meet. If I've got a body part, it's got a mole. If they come in sets of two, at least one has a delightful little mark that says, "Look at me! I'm different! HAHAHA!" Some of them grow little hairs that need plucking, but this is part of Having Moles, and it is not that bad.

2. Iron Fist! - My hands are very square and I have very short fingers (toes, too.) The only person I've ever met with shorter hands was an Asian woman several inches shorter than me- I have bitty little hands. They are really strong and great for detail work- years of needlework later, I can still do small, focused work with my hands that it takes other several tries to get done. And look! I'm typing!

3. Travel-sized! I am five feet and one and one quarter inches tall. Yes, I do include the quarter, because it's mine, dammit! I fit into airline seats with room to spare (lengthwise. No one fits comfortably widthwise)! I never have high-water pants, they are always just a little bit too long! I have learned tricks to deal with tall things in high shelves, and this is the real reason why I always will own a ladle- they are perfect for scooping down tall things.

4. Hark! My ears are fucking adorable. Like, whoa, tiny, pink, squishy plump little delicacies perfect for nibbling. And they have a good number of holes in them now for pretty objects. Yay for ears!

5. Flexy! I am very bendy for someone who rarely does stretching exercises. I can touch my palms to the ground without bending my knees! And my joints never hurt except when I have the flu.

6. Cute nose! To be honest, I am working on this. I did not like my nose. I thought it was too wide for my face. But! I have decided that my nose is actually pretty awesome! I put an extra hole in it for pretty things, and it did not complain! It keeps my glasses up! It lets me smell delicious foods that would otherwise be less than fully appreciated! Truly, my nose is a marvel.


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Apr. 26th, 2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
furry ears
The best thing about your ears was that, on the tips, they had little furry tufts of pale blond hair when you were born. The nurses stood around and cooed. Furry ears are common in infants, but yours were extraordinarily adorable.
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